Pluralism: Tell it; See it; Hear it

Pluralism: Tell it; See it; Hear it

The Atwater Library is pleased to present Pluralism: Tell it; See it; Hear it, a youth digital literacy video project funded by the Inspirit Foundation. The Library believes in promoting cultural, educational and social programs for the diverse Montreal city and celebrates 186 years of service as a thriving community hub.

Pluralism: Tell it; See it; Hear it is the second project to have been funded by the Inspirit Foundation.The idea for this project emerged from the Inspirit-funded Human Library project when youth participants indicated a yearning for more contact and spiritual dialogue with youth from diverse communities.

Pluralism: Tell it; See it; Hear it is collaborating with youth who will probe pluralism through discussions of pluralism and synergistic creation of video vignettes of individuals in our partner groups. The team will show and discuss the videos in several venues while engaging the community in discussing and appreciating pluralism, culminating in a well-publicized screening for a large audience.

Our team comprises of representatives of Montreal-area religious, spiritual and secular partner groups to probe and create wider awareness of pluralism. Our partners will assist the Youth Team in conducting the project — researching pluralism, planning and filming interviews and showing the videos with moderated discussion.



We aim to encourage young adults to increase their understanding of the plurality of spiritual, religious and secular beliefs in their communities. This project will support collaborations between young adults of different backgrounds and beliefs, and between different spiritual, religious and secular organizations.



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