Digital Music with Elders @ The Atwater Library

Digital Music with Elders @ The Atwater Library

With funding from the federal government’s New Horizons for Seniors program, the Literacy Project of Atwater Library and Computer Centre is offering a series of workshops aimed at empowering musically oriented seniors to use and later teach others to use computers to record and create music. This will be followed by workshops offered by the participants themselves.

The workshops are facilitated by Eric Craven and Peter Shaw, a student in theatre at Concordia University, with the collaboration of Line Grenier, a professor in Communication studies at Université de Montréal.

We started with series of information sessions to better understand how to work with the participants in November and December so that when we began our workshops in January we could zero in on their interests and abilities.

The participants have covered the basic of the gear, how to use basic audio recording and editing software and have begun their projects.

Their projects range from vocal ensemble pieces of popular music to field recording based soundscapes. We are currently working on developing these pieces to utilise more digital options such as looping, effects and other sound transformations.

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