About The Digital Literacy Project

The Digital Literacy Project (DLP), an initiative of the Atwater Library and Computer Centre (ALCC), matches participants from community organizations and neighboring schools with new media mentors. The DLP encourages community interaction and collaboration and encourages youth and community groups to discover new and creative ways to use digital technologies in order to discuss issues important to them, develop skills, and build community.  Participants learn to make their own creative projects in digital media fields such as:

  • video
  • animation
  • graphic design
  • audio (sound recording, podcasting)
  • digital photography and photo manipulation
  • web publishing (including blogging)
  • web design
  • media literacy
  • critical media analysis

By encouraging participants to explore digital literacy with their own voice and contribute to the creation of new knowledge, the DLP aims to foster a sense of responsibility in creating and consuming media, approaching learning through experience and community involvement. We encourage our facilitators to create accessible and inclusive spaces to build a strong, sustainable and cohesive community through cultural, educational and social programs that bring together Montreal’s diverse population.

The Digital Literacy Project is a volunteer-supported initiative, and develops its projects with respect to the needs and interests of its partner groups, including schools, youth groups, and community organizations.

The project is geared to the needs of the Anglophone community in the downtown core and the areas surrounding the Atwater Library, including St. Henri, Little Burgundy, Point Ste-Charles, Ville-Marie, and NDG. Opportunities to expand and create partnerships outside these areas are valued and sought out when possible.



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