Upcoming Summer Workshops!

With Spring just arrived, we're already planning ahead for Summer here at the Digital Literacy Project. Check out our exciting program of upcoming workshops:

The Yellow Door's Yellow Ribbon Social Club will be coming back to the library in May for a four-session workshop on photo-voice, co-facilitated by Digital Literacy Project coordinators Arwen Fleming & Robin Kelley. Social Club members will share stories in digital video format, using a combination of photographs and voice-over narration.

A new partner for the Digital Literacy Project this summer is Verdun Elementary School. Ms. Warnock's grade 6 class is participating in a two-part workshop this June on media and digital literacy. With the guidance of co-facilitators Skye Maule-O'Brien and Nina Pariser, students will deconstruct media representations and identify stereotypes, then learn to create podcasts to share their ideas about media.

The Westhaven-Elmhurst Community Association's Skills Link will also be returning this July for a six-part introduction to digital video! Facilitated by artist Victoria Nam, workshop participants will learn the basics of digital videography and editing.


Stop Motion Animation by the CJE NDG Jeunes en Action

Stop Motion Animation Workshop

Created by Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi NDG, Jeunes en Action,
During a 5 week stop motion animation workshop held at the Digital Literacy Project, Atwater Library and Computer Centre, Montreal.

This video features an original song by Feist. All rights remain with the artist. Learn more about what constitutes fair use of copyrighted material here, at the Centre for Social Media:

The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education

Westhaven-Elmhurst Community Association SkillsLink Audio Workshop

Participants in the Westhaven-Elmhurst Community Association's SkillsLink program came to the Library for one afternoon during March for a crash course in audio recording and editing using Audacity, an open source software. After learning how to download and install the program, participants played with tracks provided by musician and workshop facilitator James Irwin, mixing and recording their own audio over top. Check out a couple of their practice tracks here:

Kelsey's Practice Track
“Kiyyaaa” by Kiya
Toto's Practice Track