Upcoming Summer Workshops!

Upcoming Summer Workshops!

With Spring just arrived, we're already planning ahead for Summer here at the Digital Literacy Project. Check out our exciting program of upcoming workshops:

The Yellow Door's Yellow Ribbon Social Club will be coming back to the library in May for a four-session workshop on photo-voice, co-facilitated by Digital Literacy Project coordinators Arwen Fleming & Robin Kelley. Social Club members will share stories in digital video format, using a combination of photographs and voice-over narration.

A new partner for the Digital Literacy Project this summer is Verdun Elementary School. Ms. Warnock's grade 6 class is participating in a two-part workshop this June on media and digital literacy. With the guidance of co-facilitators Skye Maule-O'Brien and Nina Pariser, students will deconstruct media representations and identify stereotypes, then learn to create podcasts to share their ideas about media.

The Westhaven-Elmhurst Community Association's Skills Link will also be returning this July for a six-part introduction to digital video! Facilitated by artist Victoria Nam, workshop participants will learn the basics of digital videography and editing.




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