Digital Literacy Project Team

Eric Craven

Eric is the Fostering an Information Society Project Coordinator of the Atwater Library and Computer Centre. Eric is trained as a librarian, worked in the community sector and been active in the Montreal music community for many years.

Shanly Dixon

Shanly Dixon, Ph.D. is a digital media researcher using ethnographic methodologies to investigate young people’s use and experience of digital culture. Her work explores transformations in play, sociality, notions of public and private spaces and cross-generational divides. She has taught courses on the Sociology of Cyberspace and New Media both at Concordia University and John Abbott College and guest lectures on issues surrounding digital culture and privacy at high schools. She works with the research group Technoculture, Art & Games at Concordia University and as an industry consultant.

 Sophie Guérin

Sophie follows a diversified path in politics and communication. She is interested in media production as a way of bringing social  discourse to the forefront. Her main interests are meeting people and sharing ideas!


Nicolas Ignacio Palacios Hardy

Argentino Multi-lingual Rapper, Beatboxer, Beatmaker, Composer, multi-instrumentalist, nomadic massive member,butta

Robin Kelley

Robin Kelley is the former coordinator of the Digital Literacy Project. An interdisciplinary artist with a background in education and librarianship, Robin is an advocate for creative community-based education and literacy efforts and radical librarianship!

Victoria Nam

Victoria studied film and cultural studies at McGill University, and media arts at the New School in Greenwich Village. She is an advocate for media democracy, accessible education, and social justice. She is passionate about art, people, and the natural world. She seeks poetry in every day experience, and absolutely digs teaching and working with the Digital Literacy Project and its partners. She makes sound image art.

Nina Pariser

Nina Pariser is a facilitator at the Digital Literacy Project. She is currently studying Art Education at Concordia University and is very enthusiastic about digital photography and video, having done video and stop animation classes for 3 years in elementary schools across Montreal (as part of the EMSB after school program), as well as Nain and Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador (as part of the Labrador Creative Arts Festival). Nina enjoys all mediums of art, but so far photography has been her focus. She has exhibited her digital prints at the VAV gallery and the Lillian Rodriguez Gallery.

Liz Perrin

Liz Perrin is a facilitator for the Digital Literacy Project and has fun doing what she loves!   Working with elements of creative arts, marketing, and linguistics in a digital environment, she aspires to help others envision and create the change they want for themselves.  Motivated by a concern for people, a passion for learning, and hope for the future she is eager to share the journey of discovery.