The Neighbourhood Theatre @ The Atwater Library – fall 2013

We just wrapped up another great collaboration with Concordia University’s Theatre and Development program. During the fall 2013 semester, students in a course called “The Neighbourhood Theatre” learned how be artists in residence at the Library, assisted with Digital Literacy Project programming and developed a forum theatre workshop aimed at improving job interview skills for clients of the Little Burgundy Employment Centre and Jeunes en action at the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi – NDG.

The students wrapped up the course by making a video about their experiences with the Library.

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DIY Recording Workshop @ Kids POP 2013

Kids POP is the kid-focused part of POP Montreal. On September 28, 2013, the Digital Literary Project gave a free workshop “Record Yourself!”  at Espace POP.

We designed a workshop that helped the participants gain skills and confidence with digital recording tools in a fun environment.

For this workshop, our team included Zsofia Zambo a community educator and local musician, Peter Shaw a theatre educator, and Eric Craven the Digital Literacy Project Coordinator and local drummer. We also had some amazing  volunteers from Concordia’s  Theatre and Development program.


kidspop_recording kidspop_recording2 kidspop_recording3




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Reception for the Ageing-Communications-Media Research Group.

On Friday September 20, 2013, we hosted a reception for Concordia University’s Ageing-Communication-Media (ACM) research group.  The reception launched a weekend of meetings in Montreal for all the international partners included in an upcoming SSHRC Partnership Grant.

Last year, we collaborated with the ACM on the Exhibition “MemorySpace: private memories, public histories”

Here are some pictures of the reception shot by Edward McCann:

0013_IMG_3262 0007_IMG_3275 0008_IMG_3270 0011_IMG_3265

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The Story of ‘Burgz Stories’

Burgz Stories was a collaboration between LOVE (Leave Out Violence), Digital Literacy Project of Atwater Library and Computer Centre and Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre.  We first connected with LOVE in the fall and immediately knew that we should work on a project together. Thanks to support from Programme Inclusion et innovation we designed a combined program to work with youth from Little Burgundy and downtown Montreal. We did two eight week sessions. These sessions were held both at the Atwater Library and at Tyndale Saint-Georges Community Centre. Both Digital Literacy Project and LOVE co-taught each session with one or the other taking the lead.

Participants worked on telling their stories in various media. LOVE lent the youth digital cameras for the entire period so they could document whatever they wished about  their lives. The Digital Literacy Project let some of the participants use a vintage Lomo film camera so that they could blend digital and analogue media and explore the magic of each. We worked with many techniques:

– digital and film photography
– digital photo manipulation (photoshop,
– animated GIF and video production
– writing workshops
– soundtracks
We were all very impressed by the aesthetic maturity of the participants and their dedication to their work and we can’t wait to work together again in the near future.

During these sessions, LOVE Executive Director Olivier Tsai passed away quite unexpectedly. Olivier’s energy and openness to this collaboration was the main reason this project came together. He will be missed very much and I believe that he would have appreciated the work the youth produced.


Digital multiple exposures:

double angel


 Click on this pic to see Angel’s animated gif:



“I like taking pictures outside. There is more room to do things like cartwheels and there is a lot of things you can take pictures of. Inside, I liked doing the double exposures in Photoshop. I even did double exposures for some of my friends. I liked this workshop because I got to take pictures. I’ve always wanted to take pictures but I never had a camera.” — Angel, resident portrait photographer

Digital Double exposure at the Atwater Library.

“My favorite part of the workshop was using the lomo camera and my own 35mm camera. There is something special about film – having an actual picture in your hand. When you print them up in a gloss format it comes out very clean. The double exposures I did came out pretty cool too. I like taking landscapes because it can capture everything at once. I’m drawn to the people in city-scapes – everyone looks different in their own natural environment. But I also like taking close-ups. And having to wait a week to see them is tiring but very worth it. I like digital too, because it’s very fast. A mix of the two is best case scenario. The other part of the workshop I liked was the tutorials in Photoshop and editing both my film and digital.” –Zach, mad photographer extraordinaire

Montage of photos taken with a Lomo camera:

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Angel makes some cool things in photoshop!

double angel




Click on this pic to see Angel’s cartwheel gif:

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