Bienvenue à NDG – Fall 2011

Bienvenue à NDG – Fall 2011

Bienvenue à NDG of the NDG Community Council came to the Atwater Library and Computer Centre this fall. We supported their job skills program by offering them a workshop on graphic design, social media strategy and conversational marketing.

Bienvenue à NDG is a job skills program which uses event planning as a way of bringing the participants together to work on a shared project.

Digital Literacy Project facilitator Sophie developed much their program based on the both the computer skills necessary to effectively  market an event and through evaluating the skill level of the participants.

We worked on graphic design, information design, basic computer skills and some social media. Colin and Celine from  a local web marketing shop stresslimit even came to present the basics of facebook and twitter.

On the last day, we made video which tells a bit more about how the DLP workshop went for the participants, as well as how our  workshops supported the Bienvenue à NDG program.


For more information about Bienvenue à NDG or the NDG Community Council, check out the links below:




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