James Lyng High School Video Projects Fall 2009

Two James Lyng students participated in a media awareness themed video workshop facilitated by new media and video artist Lynn Worrell. Part of the workshop involved taking a field trip to CUTV to learn how to do green screen. Check out the videos they made!

Participants: Lia and Tyler

Facilitator: Lynn Worrell

Volunteers Tim Kelly, Catherine Cooper(CUTV field trip)

Video Workshop: October and November 2009

Sense Project Peer-ed Documentary Spring 2009

Youth peer-educators involved in Head and Hands’ Sense Project braved the spring showers alongside new media professional Miriam Verburg, and hit the streets in order to find out more about Montrealer’s knowledge about sexual health and attitudes towards young peoples sexual health! Find out what people had to say!

Facilitator: Miriam Verburg

Volunteers: Jos Porter (Sense Project Coordinator) and Robin Kelley (Sense Project volunteer)

Video Workshop: Spring 2009

James Lyng Video Workshop 2008: What goes around comes around

Description (written by Sarah Croxen):

Savannah – is a girl that is a bully ’til one day she gets a phone call and everything changes.

Miley – Miley is Savannah’s best friend she gives savannah good advice.

The new girl – Well, she’s a new girl and savannah doesn’t really like her so she bully’s her and make’s fun of her but then in the end they become friends.

Great work guys!

Video Created : March 2008