Young Parents Program Zine Launch!

This spring sees the launch of a zine by Head & Hands' Young Parents Program! Members of the Young Parents Program came to the Atwater Library during the winter semester to learn how to edit images and text for their zine in Adobe Photoshop. The zine features images and stories by young parents in Montreal, as well as resources for other young parents and their supporters. If you'd like to have your own copy of the zine, contact Head & Hands at 514-481-0277!

Click on “read more” for a full description of the project.

zine cover

zine desc

Introduction to Photo-Voice with the Yellow Ribbon Social Club

In May and June, members of the Yellow Door’s Yellow Ribbon Social Club participated in a photo-voice workshop designed for seniors interested in learning new technologies to share stories with other generations. Over five two-hour sessions, participants learned how to develop scripts, scan and locate images, and create and edit short videos using Windows Live Movie Maker. Check out some of their wonderful stories below, by clicking “read more”!

“My best friend / Mi mejor amigo”

“Memories of Papa”